The Real Key To Happiness


Hello everyone! Today I want to write about something I have been trying to express a lot more these days: gratitude. On the first of every month, I write a word of the month in my bullet journal and planner. I try to work on it and if I fail to do so, it becomes the word of the day for the next month too.

This month, I have been trying my best to be thankful and being more in the present. I just needed to push myself in the start, but then, it was a lot more easier to be thankful.

I have noticed that the more thankful I am, the happier my days pass. Gratitude has really affected my life in many ways. Just being thankful for my health, home, family, friends, and the fact that I am able to breathe has made me more relaxed and emotionally stable. I feel more resilient and I know that I am making some great memories by just being thankful.

I am not the most religious person but I try to thank God as much as I can and that brings me peace of mind. I thank my friends and other people around me for everything they do. I show them my gratitude by doing something they like or buy them food. I thank the janitors in our school by buying them lunch or just stopping by and asking how they are doing. I have made so many new friends by just being happy for what I have.

Appreciation of things and people around me has transformed me as a person.I have become more optimistic and confident. I have started to think more about others and their emotions. I have become a lot less materialistic than I was before. My health has improved and I feel a lot more active.

Overall, just a single act has made me a lot more productive. And that brings me to one conclusion. I know this is cliche and you have heard this before but happiness does not bring gratitude. Gratitude brings happiness.