Are You Living A Life Worth Living?

To the person who somehow ended up reading this, hi! I am so happy that you found this page and decided to give it a read. Thank you for giving me a chance to say what I have always wanted to say. I hope you take this personally. It’s between you and me, even though your life is YOURS to live. I would still like to slide in and pour my heart out because I know that you seek peace (consciously or unconsciously).




Life. How would you define it? To me, it is the state of being. Being here, fully. It’s about being wherever you are with all your heart and being mindful about it.

Life is about being aware. Life is about feeling the taste of being alive. Life is found everywhere; from the joyous feeling of cutting your birthday cake to tagging your friend in a meme. Life is being free of your own walls.

We all exist. Only a few live. Everyone dreams of living but most end up only existing. The choice is yours. Do you want to be someone who exists or someone who lives?

If you have, somehow, read this so far, I’d like you to do a little fun exercise with me. Grab a paper and a pen or just type in your device, the answer to this old, cliched question: THIS IS YOUR LAST DAY ALIVE. HOW DO YOU LIVE IT?

I would express my feelings to everyone, go out and tell people I love them, sign up to donate my eyes to someone and I would do my best not to hurt anyone. It’s better to leave good memories behind.

What will you do? Will you go out on the trip you have been planning since a long time but could not muster up the courage to go? Will you do things that make you happy? Will you ask for forgiveness to those you hurt?

That, my dear reader, is how you should live everyday. Take out some time to live a life that makes you happy. Seize the day. Life is precious. You may not have anything at all, but you are breathing air. You are inhaling opportunities every second. You can change your life. You are just one decision away from it.

I know this is cliche and you have heard this a billion times by now, but live every day as your last day. Before you say ‘no’ to an opportunity, ask yourself: What if I don’t make it to the future?

We all wish for a time machine. We want to change the past to have a different present. BUT, YOU CAN CHANGE THE PRESENT TO HAVE A GREAT FUTURE IF YOU LIVE. If you don’t, you won’t have regrets about how you lived your life.

So start today. Call your parents and tell them you love them. Try different foods. Buy a stranger lunch. Live. Do it for yourself. Love your life. BECAUSE IF YOU DON’T, THEN WHO WILL? Give yourself a life you deserve, please.

Take it as a request from a stranger. You living your life to the fullest and being mindful about it would make me happy. Most of all, it would make YOU happy.

Go out there and live. Today you are here. Tomorrow you may not be.

With love,

An overly optimistic girl.



The Real Key To Happiness


Hello everyone! Today I want to write about something I have been trying to express a lot more these days: gratitude. On the first of every month, I write a word of the month in my bullet journal and planner. I try to work on it and if I fail to do so, it becomes the word of the day for the next month too.

This month, I have been trying my best to be thankful and being more in the present. I just needed to push myself in the start, but then, it was a lot more easier to be thankful.

I have noticed that the more thankful I am, the happier my days pass. Gratitude has really affected my life in many ways. Just being thankful for my health, home, family, friends, and the fact that I am able to breathe has made me more relaxed and emotionally stable. I feel more resilient and I know that I am making some great memories by just being thankful.

I am not the most religious person but I try to thank God as much as I can and that brings me peace of mind. I thank my friends and other people around me for everything they do. I show them my gratitude by doing something they like or buy them food. I thank the janitors in our school by buying them lunch or just stopping by and asking how they are doing. I have made so many new friends by just being happy for what I have.

Appreciation of things and people around me has transformed me as a person.I have become more optimistic and confident. I have started to think more about others and their emotions. I have become a lot less materialistic than I was before. My health has improved and I feel a lot more active.

Overall, just a single act has made me a lot more productive. And that brings me to one conclusion. I know this is cliche and you have heard this before but happiness does not bring gratitude. Gratitude brings happiness.