Happiness Treats- Give These Chocolate Cupcakes A Try To Brighten Your Day

Who doesn’t love cupcakes? I sure do. This recipe is my absolute favorite and you I thought it would be nice to share it here. So, here we go:




  1. Self Raising Flour (1 and a half cup) – you can use regular flour and a teaspoon of baking powder if you don’t have self raising flower
  2. Vanilla (1 teaspoon)
  3. Eggs (2 of them)
  4. Milk (1/2 cup)
  5. Caster Sugar (3/4 cup or 6 ounce) You can add the same amount of sugar as flour if you have a sweet tooth or if you don’t want to ice the cupcakes.
  6. Butter (100 g) or Cream (1/2 cup)
  7. Nutella (1/2 cup) or 3 tablespoons of coco powder



  1. In a bowl, add butter (or cream).
  2. Add small portions of sugar and mix until the mixture is fluffy.
  3. Once all the sugar is added, add the vanilla and mix.
  4. Add one egg. Beat. Add the second egg. Beat again.
  5. Add the self raising flour or regular flour with a teaspoon of baking powder or baking soda in a small amount. Add some milk. Mix.
  6. Add another small portion of the flour and add the rest of the milk. Mix. Finally, add all of the flour and mix.
  7. Add nutella or coco powder and mix until all ingredients are well combined. Do not over mix it.
  8. Pre-heat your oven and bake the cupcakes for 20 minutes.


Result: 8 cupcakes



Hope you guys try this recipe. The cupcakes are so yummy! Share your experience in the comments.




Are You Living A Life Worth Living?

To the person who somehow ended up reading this, hi! I am so happy that you found this page and decided to give it a read. Thank you for giving me a chance to say what I have always wanted to say. I hope you take this personally. It’s between you and me, even though your life is YOURS to live. I would still like to slide in and pour my heart out because I know that you seek peace (consciously or unconsciously).




Life. How would you define it? To me, it is the state of being. Being here, fully. It’s about being wherever you are with all your heart and being mindful about it.

Life is about being aware. Life is about feeling the taste of being alive. Life is found everywhere; from the joyous feeling of cutting your birthday cake to tagging your friend in a meme. Life is being free of your own walls.

We all exist. Only a few live. Everyone dreams of living but most end up only existing. The choice is yours. Do you want to be someone who exists or someone who lives?

If you have, somehow, read this so far, I’d like you to do a little fun exercise with me. Grab a paper and a pen or just type in your device, the answer to this old, cliched question: THIS IS YOUR LAST DAY ALIVE. HOW DO YOU LIVE IT?

I would express my feelings to everyone, go out and tell people I love them, sign up to donate my eyes to someone and I would do my best not to hurt anyone. It’s better to leave good memories behind.

What will you do? Will you go out on the trip you have been planning since a long time but could not muster up the courage to go? Will you do things that make you happy? Will you ask for forgiveness to those you hurt?

That, my dear reader, is how you should live everyday. Take out some time to live a life that makes you happy. Seize the day. Life is precious. You may not have anything at all, but you are breathing air. You are inhaling opportunities every second. You can change your life. You are just one decision away from it.

I know this is cliche and you have heard this a billion times by now, but live every day as your last day. Before you say ‘no’ to an opportunity, ask yourself: What if I don’t make it to the future?

We all wish for a time machine. We want to change the past to have a different present. BUT, YOU CAN CHANGE THE PRESENT TO HAVE A GREAT FUTURE IF YOU LIVE. If you don’t, you won’t have regrets about how you lived your life.

So start today. Call your parents and tell them you love them. Try different foods. Buy a stranger lunch. Live. Do it for yourself. Love your life. BECAUSE IF YOU DON’T, THEN WHO WILL? Give yourself a life you deserve, please.

Take it as a request from a stranger. You living your life to the fullest and being mindful about it would make me happy. Most of all, it would make YOU happy.

Go out there and live. Today you are here. Tomorrow you may not be.

With love,

An overly optimistic girl.


Do you want to achieve something but the fear of failure gets in between?

Hi guys!

I really wanted to write about this for quite a lot of time, but simply couldn’t get a minute out of my schedule to do so. I am trying to prioritize this blog but I am drowning in school work right now. However, today is a Sunday and I have realized that I should give myself a break every once in a while and do something I love.

There have been times in my life, when I really wanted to do something but I was afraid that I would fail. There were times, when I knew that I was capable of doing well in something, but I didn’t even audition. The fear of failing got the better of me.


In 2017, it was my New Year Resolution to actually participate in things I know I would enjoy. It was really difficult in the start. In the first few months, I would chicken out. But then, I asked myself, “Just because I might fail, why am I missing out on all the great experiences, I could be having?”

Here’s a little thought: Whenever you are restricting yourself and not doing what you want to, just because you are afraid to fail, ask yourself this question, “What’s the worst that could happen?” Then, ask yourself “What’s the best that could happen?”

For me, the worst that could happen was that I would fail. So what? I can always try again. The best that could happen to me was that I would live a life that I want to live. I will do things I love, come out of my shell, may be even make new friends, and above all, discover my abilities.

More often than not, the best is way too good to let go of, just because you think you would fail. And if you ask yourself these two questions, you will realize there is so much in the world that you have yet to explore. Why restrict yourself when you can enjoy so much more and live a life people only dream of living?

Failure is something we all face. We should try and learn from it instead of running away. I believe that failure leads towards success.


I asked myself these questions and this year, I have won 1 gold medal, made 27 new, amazing friends, gained lots of experiences, discovered a lot about myself, and made thousands of memories. And you can, too.

Always remember, life is too short not to take risks.


Drenched In Schoolwork


When I started this blog, my intention was to write up everything I felt strongly about (which includes a LOT of things, may I add!). However, some things came up and I couldn’t be regular here.

So, I decided to write today and see if I still love it as much as I have always had. I am super happy that blogging is still on top of the list of things that make me happy.

The sad part is, I am drenched in schoolwork from head to toe. As much as I want to write, I am always caught up in tests. I remember I had started this blog in fall last year and I have not achieved much with this. I want to prioritize this blog. More than anything. But I have exams starting from this Saturday. My exams will be followed by my Test Series, which are a series of tests starting in November and ending in February. I also have a quiz competition, and a writing contest with its deadline approaching. In February, I will have my mocks and then, my finals starting in March, and ending in April 2018.

This is one of the many reasons, I highly dislike the education system of Pakistan.

You see, I barely have the time to eat and sleep these days. I will try my best to update the blog as well. Please bear with me for the time being!

Also, I want to thank everyone who reads this blog despite the late updates. I love you! And all of your positive response on the anxiety support programme on twitter(@ironwomensayhi) was amazing! Thank you once again!

See you soon (hopefully)!


People, Food and Me

Body Shaming has become insanely common these days. What we do not realize is that words hurt more than anything. If you have ever been called ‘fat, skinny, too tall, midget’, this month’s posts are for you. This post is about Fat Shaming.


My go to therapy for everything has always been food. Whether I am happy, sad or nervous, a delicious, filling meal is always my best friend.
When I feel joyous, eating out is a celebration. When I am sad, baking cakes and eating them with my sister makes me feel better. When I am nervous, I make myself a delicious, nice, warm cup of coffee to enjoy with donuts.

When I am bored, I make a trip to the fridge, just opening and closing the refrigerator door, thinking that something interesting would magically happen, I keep coming to the kitchen.

You see, my relationship with food is like a relationship people have with other people. They tell them a good news to celebrate, talk about whatever is bothering them to feel better. But I, eat.

Eating is like coming home to me. The ‘ding’ of the oven when the cookies are done, the sound of pouring tea in a cup, the sound of a spoon and fork on my plate are like music to my ears. The intoxicating smell of freshly brewed coffee and that of melted cheese on a big slice of pizza, the sight of maple syrup dropping down on pancakes makes my insides go all giddy and I feel like a unicorn dancing on rainbows.

But my happiness can never last for long. My one-man party is disturbed when a passer-by comments on my weight. “How much are you gonna eat? You are too fat already.” A voice reaches my ears, but I ignore. I look at my plate. The food that was previously making me happy, now makes me judge myself. I suddenly become concious.

“They say you are what you eat. Now I see why you look like a cow.” I hear as I am popping a piece of beef in my mouth. I loose all my appetite. I blink back tears and rush home. I drop my bag on the couch and run towards the washroom. I look at the mirror. The girl I see is ‘fat and ugly’. That is not how I felt when I left the house. I felt pretty. But someone else’s words stung. And I don’t want to look at myself anymore.

So I turn around and walk into my room. I see a box of chocolates lying on my bed. But they don’t make me happy this time. I have only one thought in my mind.

My best friend betrayed me.

Food is the reason I hate myself. But I can’t stop myself from eating the chocolates as tears roll down my face.

Is Your Envy Leading You To Hating Someone For No Reason?

Have you ever hated someone without any reason? Have you ever wondered that it might just be your envy? Don’t feel ashamed of admitting it. Jealousy or envy is just as normal as feeling all other emotions. I will get this straight: It may not be possible to forever get rid of it. But, whenever it starts taking over, you can consciously correct it.


My Personal Experience


There was a time when I used to be the best student in class. I used to be popular. I was not what most people would call ‘nerdy’. I was pretty social. I was friends with almost everyone. I had straight A’s and this continued for 4 years. I was really happy with everything I had. And then, 2016 happened. Or you can say that ‘high school happened’.

All of the sudden, I had to deal with new people, and all the drama that comes with high school. I had a constant pressure from everyone at home to keep my record and continue to top, considering that high school grades will decide which college I will go to. Previously, I used to study because (as geeky as that sounds) I like to learn. Now, I started to study because I wanted grades. All this pressure of getting good grades actually caused a drop in my grades. Once I was a top student and then, all of a sudden, I was on average. From 94% I landed on 69%. I was disappointed. And so was everyone else.

I was depressed. The major cause of my depression was not my failure. But, my envy. My envy for the girls who topped all the time. They took my place. There was one girl who took my social status and all of my friends because she was so ‘honest’. The other was the new smart because she worked really hard. And the third one was my best friend. Yes, I was envious of my best friend.

Everyone liked them better. I was nobody. This might be just regular high school drama for you but for me, it was so much more. I was disappointed, depressed and envious. So much envious that I started to hate the other two girls (not my best friend). At the same time I was scared of ruining my friendship with my best friend. I couldn’t help but feel envious whenever she shared her accomplishments. I gave her the reaction I was supposed to give. I showed her that I was overjoyed. But from the inside, I was anything but.

That’s when things changed. In my country, there is a trend of academies which are like after-school tuition by some other teachers. Academies have nothing to do with school. They are separate institutions. People who do not need any tuition still go to academies and take different tests there to have a look at where they stand. The academy I chose was the one where rarely people from my school go. I made new friends there. The environment was really positive and I had a lot of fun there. It raised my self-esteem and I was once again the top student. But, I still wasn’t too comfortable at school. I knew that my envy would not let me just be happy.

I was never envious before. I mean, I did feel jealous now and then but it didn’t last so long. It never made me hate a person. Therefore, when I started feeling this way, I was scared. I started to ignore what I was feeling. I was running away from it.

Finally, I had had enough. I decided to counter my feelings. I realized that feeling envious is as common as feeling any other emotion. You can never be envy-free for the rest of your life. That is the same as saying that I will never be sad again. Because sadness is a feeling you are bound to feel. Same is with envy. You will feel it. The only way to chase it away by consciously correcting it.


How to get rid of envy?

As I have written before, being jealous is as common as feeling any other emotion. Do NOT blame yourself for feeling this way. Here is how I corrected it, and you can too.

1. Acknowledge the way you feel.

Face your emotion. It is something that happens to all of us.

2. Ask yourself ‘why do I feel this way’?

Be honest when you answer that. Lying to yourself will get you nowhere. In my case, it was my own failure that made me envious of others’ success.

3. Once you know the reason of your envy, try  working on your problem.

I started working hard and looked up what were the things that she was doing and I was not. I did not copy her. I just tried to figure out what I was neglecting. I taught myself that I am studying not to compete but only for knowledge and that did it for me. I chased away the envy. At least now, I am always happy for what she is achieving. Because academic achievements are not the reason I want to study.


You see, some people are very competitive and without realizing, compete with everyone around them, their friends, siblings and cousins etc. You must realize that you are another person. You are different from them. Every individual is different from the other in one way or another. If she was getting all A’s and I was getting all B’s, it didn’t matter to me anymore. Because her success has nothing to do with me. I had my own ambitions and I had to work harder. If previously, I had a C and now a B, I was happy. I knew that if I work hard, I will get an A. And that was enough for me.

5. Try to look at the positive side of the person you don’t like because of your envy.

Try not to let the envy take over you completely. Remember that there is a positive side to everyone. Yes, we all have our flaws. However, before you start noticing others flaws and overlook their positive traits, realize that you have flaws too. How would you feel if people ignore your good traits and focus on your flaws only?

The other two girls that I hated for no reason, when I actually sat down with them and talked I found out they are great people and now we are friends.

What I have learnt:

I can not let one emotion overpower me and change my whole being.

Always Remember:



And that would be an end to what was perhaps the longer blog post ever. Thank you so much for reading. Give yourself a pat on the back for actually sitting through and reading this. 🙂


The Real Key To Happiness


Hello everyone! Today I want to write about something I have been trying to express a lot more these days: gratitude. On the first of every month, I write a word of the month in my bullet journal and planner. I try to work on it and if I fail to do so, it becomes the word of the day for the next month too.

This month, I have been trying my best to be thankful and being more in the present. I just needed to push myself in the start, but then, it was a lot more easier to be thankful.

I have noticed that the more thankful I am, the happier my days pass. Gratitude has really affected my life in many ways. Just being thankful for my health, home, family, friends, and the fact that I am able to breathe has made me more relaxed and emotionally stable. I feel more resilient and I know that I am making some great memories by just being thankful.

I am not the most religious person but I try to thank God as much as I can and that brings me peace of mind. I thank my friends and other people around me for everything they do. I show them my gratitude by doing something they like or buy them food. I thank the janitors in our school by buying them lunch or just stopping by and asking how they are doing. I have made so many new friends by just being happy for what I have.

Appreciation of things and people around me has transformed me as a person.I have become more optimistic and confident. I have started to think more about others and their emotions. I have become a lot less materialistic than I was before. My health has improved and I feel a lot more active.

Overall, just a single act has made me a lot more productive. And that brings me to one conclusion. I know this is cliche and you have heard this before but happiness does not bring gratitude. Gratitude brings happiness.